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Last updated: 20 June 2021

StaffBar is a developer tool for debugging servers in your browser. Network requests are sensitive. They carry sensitive information. Therefore, the StaffBar takes your data and your privacy very seriously.

Note: This privacy page is not an official Privacy Policy. We will have our official Privacy Policy ready before our general public launch. It will be a more legalese version of the above. As we build, this may change. For the moment, please accept our good faith effort to tell you how our product works while we go through the motions of getting something legal drafted up.


StaffBar does not send sensitive data to the cloud. Our product hooks fetch, XMLHTTPRequest, and the servers print function (ie console.log) to provide all the utility of a backend debugger in your browser.

StaffBar tracks basic usage metrics. This enables us to make better product decisions and provide better support. During our early days, this telemetry will be anonymized during most analysis. If during analysis, we see behavior where talking to a user would help the founders build a better product, we may reach out. If that seems unreasonable, please send me an email (justin@staffbar.com). I will ensure you are opted out of communication.

What Information StaffBar Collects and Why

App Usage

Our intention is to build the best debugging tool. We believe in experimentation as a means to improve the product experience. If we don’t measure key interactions, we cannot build the best product. To this end, we look at telemetry for certain events. These are: 1 When the StaffBar is visible on a page. 2 When the StaffBar is opened or closed. 3 When a developer opens, modifies or replays a request from the StaffBar. 3a If, and only if, a request is opened in the editor, we track the URL of the Requests. 4 The count of requests in the request list.


The StaffBar uses Sentry as its error tracking tool. The StaffBar sends events to Sentry if the StaffBar crashes. We also send any uncaptured errors.

Information StaffBar Does Not Collect

TLDR; If an event won’t help us build a better product for our users, we don’t track it.

Information from your users.

Unless a user can load the StaffBar, information won’t be tracked. This means unless you specifically set up the StaffBar to run in a production environment. No one outside of the developers building the application will have any data sent to us.

Content of Request Headers.

This is sensitive information! It can contain authentication information or other information that we would never need to see. Therefore, we don’t track it.

Content of Request Body.

This is also sensitive information! It may contain proprietary content or user attributes. Since we don’t need to see that, we don’t track it.

Why is your tracking de-anonymised during your private beta?

Our aim with de-anonymising telemetry during our private beta is to work more closely with our users. When we say closely, we actually want to personally get to know our first 1,000 users. We see de-anonymity as a two way street: if you are willing to try our product and let us know who you are, you should 1. know who we are and 2. have a say in shaping our product and vision.

StaffBar is still early. Making product decisions in the early days with minimal users and minimal data is very hard. Rather than track every single event and never speak to you, we are asking to see high level metrics about your usage of StaffBar. We may then send you an email asking for some more information e.g. if there is a bug, we would love to know what happened, if everything is okay, and what steps we could take to reproduce it. Again, if this isn’t okay with you please email justin@staffbar.com.

Inevitably, there will be users who, for whatever reason, don't want their usage of StaffBar to be personally tracked. Of course. It's your data and software in your codebase. You shouldn't even need a reason. We want to cater to these users. And we will. But unfortunately, we are so early on in the process of building StaffBar that we need to be able to speak to our users. De-anonymising telemetry for the time being while minimising the events tracked enables us to do this in a non intrusive way. But it is of course, not for everyone. Therefore, once we reach a critical mass of usage in the coming months, we will then anonymise all telemetry, making StaffBar more accessible.


If you ever have any questions about how StaffBar manages your data, please feel free to email us at any time:founders@StaffBar.com